T-Sticks - Hawaii Design

A fresh approach to an inventive tea product set for premium food halls around the world.

T-Sticks of London

As part of its mission to introduce tea-drinkers to a novel way to enjoy their favourite drink, T-Sticks of London approached Hawaii to give its packaging a fresh and eye-catching visual concept that manifested the product’s sense of quality and innovation.

T-Sticks of London’s ingenious system uses freshly cut leaves encapsulated in perforated foiled sticks, giving a first-class cuppa without a messy bag or any need for a spoon.

Its range comprises ten delicious flavours in two box sizes, so we devised a visual identity around a striking coloured spot system, to give consumers an easy way navigate the products. It was paramount that the packaging conveyed a contemporary and aspirational feel for its intended audience of premium foodhall shoppers around the world.


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_ T-Sticks of London

Brand Creation

Our inspiration for the design came from the perforations on the foiled tea sticks. Each flavour was designated a bright coloured dot with a smaller repeat print applied around the base of the boxes. With our extensive knowledge in print and finishing we worked closely with the the T-Sticks team to source a sustainable paper stock and select individual Pantone colours and foils. The deliberately minimal design and restrained use of colour was conceived to give a modern and sophisticated feel.



Eye-catching visual concept that manifested the product’s sense of quality and innovation. Individual flavours colour coded for easy navigation.


Two box sizes, to hold 15 and 120 sticks.